What Talk Shows Will You Miss The Most?

The Colbert Report is no more. (But its host will be back next year with bigger digs.) After tonight, Craig Ferguson is leaving CBS. (But he'll be back, too, in some form or another — and hopefully he'll have Josh Robert Thompson with him in some capacity.) David Letterman is retiring for good in May. (Leno is gone,… » 12/19/14 11:41pm Yesterday 11:41pm

Rod Serling's A Carol For Another Christmas Is On TCM Tonight

In 1964, Rod Serling was invited by the United Nations to update Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol for an anxious Cold War era America still recovering from the assassination of JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis. What he wrote was essentially a movie-length episode of The Twilight Zone. Instead of Ebenezer Scrooge, A… » 12/19/14 12:02am Yesterday 12:02am

I saw Hobbit Ride To The Midnight Sun Of Valhalla Battle of the Five Armies this afternoon, and came home to find that my bichon frise had bitten his tongue. So my normally cute, fluffy white dog greeted me looking like Azog the Defiler, with his muzzle and paws covered in fresh blood. Fortunately we didn't have to… » 12/18/14 9:46pm Thursday 9:46pm

It was a 90 minute trial broadcast that Tom and Mike did on Saturday afternoon. Not an "official" show, but they took callers (mostly to ask if they could hear them). Also there was a new-ish "Frankie Teardrop" mix at the beginning. Probably won't end up as a podcast. A few old-time callers, nothing special. Jason… » 12/18/14 4:52am Thursday 4:52am

I read a couple of Evgeny Morozov's books, The Net Delusion and To Save Everything Press Here. He's a self-described "cyber-agnostic" who thinks the Internet is pretty swell, but it's not a panacea for actual problems like tyranny or poverty, and that technocentric "solutions" are often designed to fix things that… » 12/18/14 1:08am Thursday 1:08am