Strucker? After the buildup, just another throwaway character. Post Winter Solider, you’d at least hope HYDRA was a little more than a plotline to be casually tossed aside. Quicksilver? Nice to barely know you. Sorry you weren’t impactful enough for me to care about your “grand sacrifice.”

» 4/26/15 12:25am 27 minutes ago

I don’t remember ever being a big comic strip reader, though for most of the ‘80s the first thing I’d do upon waking was to read the Bloom County strip. I don’t recall reading anything else. I had some Peanuts paperback collections, but I’d always preferred the animated versions. I got into both Calvin & Hobbes and … » 4/25/15 3:14am Yesterday 3:14am

X-Files Is Now Streaming On Netflix In HD and Widescreen

Netflix is now streaming the first season of The X-Files in HD and 1.78:1 widescreen, reports The Verge. Rumors of a remastered version have been floating around the web for several years, with reruns of the show’s first four seasons airing in widescreen HD on a German channel called ProSiebenMaxx and in standard… » 4/24/15 2:31am Friday 2:31am